Cathy talks Indi

Euroa will soon become part of the Federal seat of Indi. Strathbogie Voices have invited the current member, Cathy McGowan, to Euroa to hear insights of her experience as the Independent representative for this seat over the last five years. We invite you to join us for a night of fabulous food, lively discussion and the best stories from a woman who was supported by her community when she stood up for a better deal – and won against the odds.

Thu. 9 August 2018
6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

The Old Flour Mill Euroa
17 Kirkland Avenue
Euroa, VIC 3666

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Twilight Market 2017

Video by Denver Pallis

Community submission to the development of the Shire of Strathbogie Council Plan

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Twilight Hawker’s Market – 2017



The inaugural Twilight Hawker’s Market  ( held in the Seven Creeks Park last February ) has won the Australia Day Award for Best Community Event.

Shirley Saywell who accepted the award on behalf of Strathbogie Voices, said the group was most grateful for the Award, and they intend to build on the community’s appetite for such events.

Shirley explained that Strathbogie Voice volunteers dreamed up the event, planned it, and then ran it – on a balmy summer evening late last February.  Following the success of the 2016 summer event – the groups is now organising another Twilight Hawkers’ Market  –  this time to raise funds for the Euroa Swimming Pool.   Shirley said “the enormous goodwill generated last year means we are keen to do it again, but this time it will be even more creative than the last one!”

“The 2017 Market will have a “watery theme” and we want everyone to start planning their costumes for the Birdman competition and the Mermaid competition”.

“While it was hoped that the event could be held at the Pool, it will instead be held again in the Sevens Creeks Park and this year we are expecting another large crowd”.

Last time the community came out in droves and Strathbogie Voices were thrilled with the feedback – which they say demonstrates that with community backing, small towns can run big events.   “The community has shown its support and enthusiasm for celebrating diversity and events like this create new possibilities for the town”.  “Goodwill and generosity is all around us – let’s share it”.  Shirley said that Strathbogie Voices are liaising with others in the community, including the Euroa Tennis Club, who host the annual Tennis Tournament that weekend.  “We are keen to involve these visitors – who are invited to join in the celebrations in the Park – and we are expecting them to field an inspired entry in the Birdman competition!”


Introducing 2 of our new Strathbogie Shire Councillors – Kate Stothers & Alistair Thomson

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Local Govt Flyer 8th Aug

SR flyer July 2016

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2015 Watershed Year Seminar Series Videos


2015 is seen by many as the watershed year for action on climate change. What does this mean for the Strathbogie region?

Strathbogie Voices, together with the Euroa Environment Group, have put together a series of seminars on climate change and its associated impacts on issues such as business, health, biodiversity and fire.

Community participation will be at the core of this series.  Discussion, ideas, actions will all be developed.

All seminars will be held from 11am – 3pm, at The Flour Mill, Kirkland Avenue, Euroa.  Lunch is provided.  Cost will be $15 each, free for pensioners and students.

Registrations will be open soon.  If you’d like to register to be notified when this occurs, please fill out the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website.

Be part of the ideas! Be part of the action!

Here is a list of the presenters, dates and topics:

7th February:  A Conversation:  Climate Change and what it means for the Strathbogie Region, with Professor David Karoly, University of Melbourne

Event Summary

21st March:  Local Government and Sustainability, with Winsome McCaughey, Mike Hill, Lorna Pitt and Janet Bolitho

11th April:  What does climate change have to do with my superannuation?  Presented by Bob Welsh, former CEO of VicSuper

30th May: Water Management and Environmental Flows with the Murray Darling Basin Commission, Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority, Christine Forster (Environmental Farmers Network), Michael Spencer (Water Stewardship Australia), Fern Hames (Department of Environment. Land, Water and Planning)

4th July:  The Environment, Climate Change and the Paris Talks.  Presenters:  Richard Denniss (The Australian Institute), Rob Gell (AO), Prof. Alan Pears (RMIT), Sarah Housemann (Vic. Assoc. for Environmental Education), Vicky Fysh (Uni. of Melb.), Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Child in Nature Alliance

25th July: Climate Change, Health and Rural Communities with Dr Lisa Rasmussen (Doctors for the Environment), Prof. Sue Brumby (National Institute for Farmer Health, Deakin Uni.), Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

26th September: Conservation Volunteerism, Biodiversity and Citizen Science with David McInnes (CEO, EarthWatch), Victorian Museum, Euroa Environment Group, Gooram Landcare Group and local volunteers

24th October:  Biolinks, Landuse Change, Fire and Landscape Restoration with Prof. Mike Clarke (La Trobe Uni), Prof Ian Lunt (Charles Sturt Uni.), and Dr. Ian Mansergh (formerly DEPI).

21st November:  Cultural Landscapes with Rueben Berg (CEO, Indigenous Architecture and Design Victoria) and local indigenous representatives.

Community Forum


Community Forum


Past Events:


Are you unsure how our preferential voting system works?

How are you preferences allocated?

How do the Lower House and Upper House systems work?


AVENEL: Sunday 23rd November, 5 6pm, Avenel Hall.

EUROA: Monday 24th November, 7 8pm, Old Flour Mill.

NAGAMBIE: Wednesday 26th November, 5.30 6.30pm, Supper Room, Memorial Hall.

All welcome.

For more information, please contact Kate Stothers on 0458 680 990.



Meet the Candidate Forum – A tremendous success!

The candidates address key community priorities

The candidates address key community priorities


200 people filled the Mercy Centre of St John’s Primary School in Euroa.

With approximately 200 people attending this Forum, Strathbogie Voices would like to thank everyone for their support – the public for their interest and attendance, the candidates (five in total) for their time, the media for their support, and all the volunteers for making this happen.

The candidates who presented were:

Robert Danieli – Australian Country Alliance (upper house seat candidate for Northern Victoria.  The Euroa seat candidate for this party was unwell and couldn’t attend)

Clare Malcolm – Labor Party

Jenny O’Connor – Australian Greens (upper house seat candidate for Northern Victoria.  The Euroa seat candidate was only announced on the night).

Steph Ryan – National Party

Tony Schneider – Liberal Party

As well as the prepared questions that Strathbogie Voices put to each candidate, there was also time for questions from the floor.

A summary of responses from each candidate will be prepared over the next few days and will be available here soon.

Two further questions were submitted from the crowd after time ran out.  One is based on attracting doctors to rural areas, and the other is around policies for supporting Australian and Victorian manufacturing.  These two will be put to each candidate and their responses will be posted soon.

Thanks again to all those people who attended for helping making this Forum such a success.  For those interested, and those that couldn’t make it, stay tuned for a summary of the issues covered.

Special thanks to Sonia Jones, Principal of St John’s Primary School for the use of the Mercy Centre, and Scott Watson from Euroa High School for the use of their portable stage.





Older Post:

The four candidates attending the Meet the Candidate Forum in Euroa on Tuesday night have just been sent the following four questions to respond to.  These questions are based on the 150 or so community submissions we have had as part of our consultation process.  As well as these questions, there will also be an opportunity for questions from the floor.

It promises to be an interesting night and a great opportunity to listen to what each candidate has to say.

Forum details:  Tuesday 30th September at 7pm.  Location is the Mercy Centre, St John’s Primary School, Anderson Street, Euroa.

Candidate Questions:

Question 1:

We are being told via the recent multi-media campaign that ‘To make a health system healthier, you need to look after every part’. Each of you have recently been provided with information about the lack of access to Public Health Services in this Shire, especially public beds and ambulance services.

What is your policy, your commitment and your concrete plan to ensure that there will be public beds available in Euroa and an ambulance permanently based in Nagambie?


Question 2:

In 2013 the Victorian Auditor General’s Office identified Strathbogie Shire (along with other ‘small’ shires) as a shire that may be ‘financially unsustainable.’ Rates have increased in the Strathbogie Shire at a level well above the Victorian average. So, despite being one of the poorest shires in the state, ratepayers have one of the highest burdens. The future for Strathbogie Shire seems to be a gradual decline in infrastructure and services (through lack of funding).

What are you plans to do something about the sustainability, including the economic viability, of rural communities? There are many aspects to this question, but what are the two or three critical ones for you? Where would you start?


Question 3:

You will be aware that there is considerable concern in the seat of Euroa about VicForests plans to log large parts of the Strathbogie State Forests for pulp and firewood. Would you be prepared to:

  1. Visit the affected forest areas with concerned voters
  2. Support the local call for a Victorian Environmental Assessment Council investigation into forestry in the region
  3. Define for us your sustainable forestry policy for Victoria


Question 4

Small towns need to be linked to larger regional centres and Melbourne. What is your policy to improve public transport services that includes not only trains heading north from Seymour to either Albury or Shepparton, but also services that allow for east-west and inter-community travel? This is a critical issue for our community. How will you address it?


The aim of sending these questions through to the candidates now is to give them all reasonable time to prepare and think through their answers – which will also need to be succinct in their delivery.  Kindly, they have all agreed to take questions from the floor, as well.

Come along and see how your candidates address our community’s key priorities.

Kitchen Table Discussion process is ready to go!

Our Kitchen Table Discussion process is finalised and ready to go.  Please check it out on the Kitchen Table Discussion tab.

We welcome all input and encourage everyone to participate.  Your voice does matter, so let’s make it count!




Strathbogie Voices held the first, of what will be many round-table discussions with the community last Monday night, 18th August.  Held in Euroa, the night was structured into small table conversations about what people value about Euroa and how the community can work with both local and state government on key issues of concern.  A summary of the conversations held will be uploaded soon.

People who attended believed that Euroa has a great sense of community and is a wonderful place to bring up children.  They also valued the ambiance of Binney Street, the rural feel of the town, the connection to wonderful natural assets, including Seven Creeks Park and Gooram Falls, and its proximity to Melbourne.

Other issues discussed were how the community could work with both local and state government to increase the liveability of Euroa.  Young Mums who were present wanted their children to be able to ride to school, so believed footpaths and bikepaths would be a real asset.  Others suggested better signage and lighting around town and a significant tree register for the township.  Bigger picture tickets that arose were tourism opportunities based on our history, our natural environment, a showcasing of our horsestuds and our ability to hold fantastic annual events, such as Wool Week and Show’n’Shine.

Partnerships between community and government can be powerful!

Participants also wanted to see innovation and creativity in local government, as well as increased partnerships.  There was discussion around the fact that many things, such as supporting debate and discussion, promoting the exchange and exploration of ideas and assisting the practical applications of ideas do not always need to cost money.

How do we learn more about the role and responsibilities of local government?

Participants suggested that information sessions based on the functional role and responsibilities of local government might well assist a broader understanding of the Council Plan and how council budgets are formed.

Is this something you would be interested in?  Let us know!