Strathbogie Voices is an initiative of a number of community members of the Strathbogie region.  We are motivated by how empowering it is for communities to work together on common goals.  We are also frustrated by the inability of the senior executives in the Shire of Strathbogie to work actively with inspired community groups and people.  We want to acknowledge these frustrations, but do something positive about it.  Hence, the formation of Strathbogie Voices.

We are inspired by and acknowledge the Voices for Indi initiative who, regardless of anyone’s political persuasions, achieved a great deal by re-engaging people in political processes.

Members of the organising committee for Strathbogie Voices are:

Kate Stothers – Spokesperson

Kate Auty

Charlie Brydon

Andi Kofler

Robin Landvogt

Frank Pierce

Shirley Saywell

Alistair Thomson

Lance Williams


This group will be responsible for collecting and collating the community responses and feedback.  We will then translate this into a Community Prospectus that can be presented to various government and agency officials.



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